Pathfinder Grip Discs

Grip Discs are stainless steel discs with a depth of 2mm and a diameter of 25mm that provide slip resistance against slippery surfaces.

They are especially suited to grip problem areas that may include shopping centres, train stations, ramps and stairs. They can be installed on substrates such as slippery concrete, terrazzo, timber, glass, and all ceramic tiles.


  • Applied to surfaces using epoxy adhesive and has been tested to be 8 times stronger than required
  • Product surface design rating of R12 and Oil/Wet ramp test of R10 according to CSIRO slip test under controlled conditions
  • Conforms to AS4992.2-2006 (CSIRO adhesion test result 4.02N/mm2)
Grips Discs on polished terrazzo surface Grip Discs on slippery exposed concrete crossing