TI Pavers

TI PAVERS are manufactured with a base depth of 50mm for all round performance in all situations.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 300x300x50mm
  • 400x400x50mm

Our basic colour range is Charcoal, Ivory, Yellow and Terracotta.

Manufactured in both the HAZARD indicator and DIRECTIONAL indicator in the above sizes.

In order to ensure that our pavers keep the required luminance to contrast we apply first of all a special TI primer to the raw paver, which keeps the pigmentation from fading, then if required a full coat of special TI sealer to enhance the finished paver. Our TI PAVERS still look good many years after being installed.

The Lead Times for supply can vary according to current commitments.

We carry a standard range of pavers in stock at all times so for most small orders we can supply immediately.

TI PAVERS are manufactured by Tactile Indicators Pty Ltd from High Strength concrete to the requirements of AS/NZS 1428.4.1 of 2010 Design for access and mobility Part 4: Tactile Indicators.

Our paving pattern has an R12 slip resistance rating and a P5 wet pendulum classification which is available upon request.

Charcoal Directional TI Paver with bar pattern Charcoal Directional TI Paver Close Up Charcoal Hazard TI Paver with dots Charcoal Hazard TI Paver Close Up Terracotta Hazard TI Paver with dots Yellow Hazard TI Paver with dots pattern Ivory Hazard TI Paver with dots